7-7: Escapades Of Nepotism

Seven: Lustful And Shameless

7: Escapades Of Nepotism


Jiang Zemin’s Younger son, Jiang Miankang, is not as ambitious and ferocious as his brother. He has a background in radio and has never worked on anything that has to do with the army.
But Jiang asked for Xu Caihou’s help to make Jiang Miankang, Vice Chairman of the political committee at the Nanjing Army base, as well as a major general.

Before his retirement, Jiang Zemin didn’t trust anyone with military power, so he tried to transfer Jiang Miankang to the General Strategy Dept of the PLA. But the head of the CMC, Chi Haotian, objected to his nomination. Jiang had no choice, but to settle Jiang Miankang in the position of the head of the second bureau in the army’s General Political Dept. Soon, he was promoted to be the assistant director of the Organization Dept. And next, the director of the Organization Dept.

Jiang Zemin’s uncle Jiang Shangqing had two daughters, Jiang Zehui and Jiang Zeling. As Jiang continued to advanced in his political career, he promoted Jiang Zehui at an incredible speed.
She was a common school teacher at Anhui Agricultural College in Anhui Province. First, he made Jiang Zehui dean of the school of Forestry at Anhui Agriculture College. And then, he made her the principal of the Anhui Agriculture College.
Finally, he made her the head of the Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Jiang Zemin’s nephew, Jiang Zeling’s son, Tai Zhan, lost 11.5 million yuan in real estate and was unable to pay back the debt.
So he forged a company’s stamp, of a Hongkong real estate company to forge documents, and mortgaged the company’s 45 apartments, to get the cash to pay his debt.
The Hongkong company filed a lawsuit against Tai Zhan in Guangling peoples’ court, and the court started processing the case in March 2000. The court verified that the company’s stamp on the documents was forged.

However, the trial against Tai Zhan faced a lot of obstacles and pressures from the top, because he is Jiang’s nephew. The court was forced to drop the investigation and ended the trial.
The Hongkong company never got its properties back.

Tai Zhan had been buying a lot of houses, stocks, and entertainment business for over ten years. He is the general manager of a Yangzhou high rise, the owner of Tianzhan Entertainment City, and the president of many joint venture companies. Tai Zhan also used his influence as Jiang’s nephew to get a loan of 16 million yuan for his stock trading, from the Northern Industry Group, a company with a military background. Tai Zhan has been very active in the business arena.

Jiang Zemin has a nephew named Wu Zhiming, in Bangfu, Anhui Province, an uneducated man. As soon as Jiang became secretary of Shanghai City Committee, Wu became a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and now became a permanent member of the Shanghai City Committee, the Secretary of the Party Committee at Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the head of Shanghai City Public Security Bureau, and a ranking member of Standing Committee of Shanghai City Military Police.

In Jan 2003, Jiang made another nephew of his, Xia Deren, a permanent member of the Liaoning Province Committee, assistant secretary of Dalian City Committee, and the Mayor of Dalian City. Since then, Jiang had had his way in Dalian City when he visited, acting like the city was his private property.

According to media reports, Zhou Yongkang had claimed to be Mrs. Jiang’s nephew and often boasted that he was very close to Chairman Jiang. Zhou Yongkang is a rather depraved man. According to people close to him, he often slept with prostitutes at hotels, with the excuse of working late.
Moreover, it’s said that on multiple occasions, he had forced himself upon female employees of the hotels. Since Zhou Yongkang had been one of the government officials most enthusiastic about persecuting Falun Gong, Jiang appointed him Minister of Public Security.

It’s difficult to track the total number of Jiang’s relatives who had advanced to high places or made huge fortunes because of their relation to Jiang. When the higher-ups do not set a good example, the subordinates cannot be expected to behave well. Jiang’s escapade of nepotism had caused the already corrupted Chinese Communist regime, to become irreversibly corrupt.

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