7-4: A Hideous Liaison


Seven; Lustful And Shameless

4: A Hideous Liaison

Among Jiang’s mistresses, Chen Zhili has been the most loyal to him and has the highest position in the Chinese Communist government. In 1988 Chen advanced quickly to the important position of the Minister of Propaganda in Shanghai.
All the committee members knew that she had advanced by granting sexual favors. However, sex wasn’t the only reason for the affair between Chen and Jiang. This one was also a hideous political liaison.

Following the Cultural Revolution, Chen Zhili started working for the Shanghai Institute Of Ceramics, where Jiang’s eldest son happened to work as well. After Jiang was appointed the Secretary of the Shanghai City Committee, Jiang Mianheng introduced Chen to his father. Jiang and Chen hit it off right away.

Before the June-4 Massacre, Jiang banned the publication of the World Economic Herold, due to its pro-democratic stands. When Jiang went to Beijing in May 1989, the General Secretary of the CCP, Zhao Ziyang severely criticized Jiang, because of his failure to deal with the reporting of the World Economic Herold. Jiang felt disaster looming, but Chen immediately told him: ” If the Central Government wants to punish someone, I’ll take full responsibility.” This demonstrated Chen’s completely loyalty to Jiang.

After the June-4 Massacre at Tiananmen Sq., Chen ordered the firing of all employees at the World Economic Herold and forbade the reporters from ever working as reporters again.
When the newspaper’s editor-in-chief was near death, Chen went to his death bed in person and announced that he had been expelled from the Chinese Communist Party, to make sure the old man would not die in peace.

After Jiang started working in Zhongnanhai, he wanted to bring Chen to Bejing, and give her an important position.
But he did not get his wish, because of the former head of the organization dept. Song Ping and other leaders of the CCP objected. In 1997 when Deng Xiaoping became seriously ill, and Jiang started to call the shots, he finally had the power to bring Chen to Beijing and appointed her as the Chairman of the Education Committee.

In the first meeting of the Education Committee that Chen chaired, she was so eager to discredit the sex scandal, that she began her speech, by saying that she was in a perfectly happy marriage, and perfectly in love with her husband.
The Committee members were dumbfounded, by her extreme digression from the subject at hand. Her ploy backfired and made her indecent relation with Jiang all the more obvious.

In 1998, Jiang appointed Chen to be the Education Minister. The presidents of several dozens of universities, including the most prestigious Qinghua and Beijing Universities, called Chen the “Chinese Rowing Ambassador in Europe and America”, because she had done nothing but traveled all around the world at the taxpayers’ expense. Chen had repeatedly faced the dangers of impeachment. At one time, over 1200 professors from more than 80 colleges and universities, presented a joint letter to the Chinese Central Government urging reform the dangerously crippled education system right away.

Finally, Chen left her post. But with Jiang’s protection, she only moved higher and became the State Councilor at the State Council in charge of the Nation’s and the military’s education because that’s what Jiang wanted. Of the 32 groups of the representatives, 27 strongly objected to having Chen as a State Councilor.

The field of education is supposed to be a pure land for developing future generations of Chinese citizens. But Chen promoted the concept of long term economic investment in China’s education system. As a result, schools became diploma mills, and they began to increase tuitions arbitrarily. The business of forging diplomas, as well as the demands for purchase diplomas has gradually become the norm in China. Under Chen’s leadership, China’s education system had become the primary target of complaints.

After the fact that Jiang ceded Chinese lands to foreign countries became exposed, Chen ordered the alterations of the Chinese history books in Dec. 2001 to favor Jiang.
In the new version of history textbooks for high schools, Yue Fei and Wen Tianxiang from the Southern Song Dynasty, are no longer revered as patriots. But Li Hong-zhang, the traitor, in Qing Dynasty is revered as a patriot. Even in the face of fierce opposition, Chen inverted the fact and nature of right and wrong, in order to defense Jiang’s treachery from public criticism.

Politically, Chen used education as an important means to secure Jiang’s regime. She started brainwashing Chinese students as early as elementary school. She ordered students in elementary schools and high schools to sign petitions supporting Jiang’s policy of persecuting Falun Gong. In doing so, Chen spread lies and seeds of hatred in students’ young minds.

During the seven years that Chen was the Minister of Education, she stopped at nothing to destroy China’s already crippled education system, and poison the minds of China’s youth. Because of her depraved education reforms, the quality of the education continued to fall, as did the morality of school teachers. The morality level at high schools and colleges had fallen to new lows, as having sex with prostitutes, gambling, and cheating on exams had become very popular.

Chen would run education like a manufacturing business and promoted the selling of education as merchandise.
The promise of nine years of obligatory education had completely disappeared because of her. In addition, Chen increased the quota for each college and raised the tuition rate in order to increase revenue. She also encourages college professors to do more money-generating research. As a result, the professors neglected their students’ education causing the quality of college graduates to deteriorate, and have difficulty finding a job.

Jiang wanted to place people in his faction in the military to further secure his power. In 2003, he nominated Chen to be part of the Central Military Commission, and become involved in the national defense, and military education. However, the plan was discarded because of a large disparity of opinions.
Many high-level leaders in the military despise Chen, and call her behind her back “Slut Chen.”

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