7-3: Collision Of The Two Yings

Seven: Lustful And Shameless

3: Collision Of The Two Yings


There is a popular jingle passing among the general public in China that says: Jiang Zemin keeps at home a “Maotouying”, travels abroad with Li Ruiying, and listens to songs performed by Song Zuying. “Maotouying” means owl, and refers to Jiang’s wife, Wang Yeping, who has long passed her youth and beauty, and now suffers from many long term ailments.
Song Zuying is Jiang’s favorite, for she is so seductive and flirtatious. CCTV’s anchorwoman Li Ruiying looks fairly common but has a very fawning and seductive manner.

Jiang can hardly contain his abhorrence towards “Maotouying”. He has taken her with him on each trip abroad, just to show off, that he has not discarded the woman he has married when he was obscure. In 2002, Jiang and his wife were invited to visit President Bush’s ranch. He left Wang Yeping behind and marched off towards the house. Mr. and Mrs. Bush then graciously tended the neglected Wang Yeping.

Jiang adores Song Zuying the most.
Vice-Chairman of the People’s Congress, Cheng Kejie, once upon a time, showed excessive care for Song Zuying, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and a singer.
It touched off Jiang’s jealousy and later resulted in Cheng’s death. Right through his very execution, Cheng had no idea who he had offended, or who it was that was so bent on ending his life.

Li Ruiying, CCTV’s news anchor, and a married woman was Jiang’s another lover. Li had been a news anchor at CCTV since 1986. Before the June-4 Massacre, Li talked like a democracy advocate and woman of justice and righteousness.
But as soon as the Chinese Communist Party declared Martial Law, and outlawed the student movement, Li Ruiying reversed her attitude, echoed the Party line, and condemned the student movement. The depravity of her character became self-evident.

For several years, Jiang took Li Ruiying with him on all of his trips abroad. During these trips, she worked as a field journalist during the day, and as Jiang’s concubine at night. Once she interviewed Jiang during an overseas trip, the interview caused a lot of gossip in China, for Li Ruiying acted like she was frolicking with Jiang.

One day before Jiang toured Southeast Asia, the two Yings, Song Zuying, and Li Ruiying, came into collision with each other, right in front of Jiang in Zhongnanhai. Song threatened to kill herself unless Jiang would kick Li out. She gave Jiang an ultimatum: you can’t have both of us. Take your pick! And demanded Jiang never see her again or take her abroad as a journalist. Jiang gave silent approval. Li Ruiying burst into tears and stormed out. Since then, CCTV had banned news anchors going abroad.

In the fifties, while Jiang studied in the Soviet Union, he had a Russian mistress, named Clava. While Jiang was the Minister of the Electrical Industry, he traveled to the United States for the first time, spent public money, and slept with a prostitute in Las Vegas. Afterward, the prostitute told the FBI: ” That fatso was good tipper!”

In the eighties, when Jiang as Mayor of Shanghai visited San Francisco, he spent public money, gambling, and whoring.
A high-level US police officer, who was responsible for Jiang’s personal safety, was completely dumbfounded, and still, bring up this incredible story with his friends. Never would he have expected that the Mayor of Shanghai, would be such a low character!

It must be difficult even for Jiang, to keep track of the number of women, with whom he has sexually involved, and how many children he actually has. Besides Jiang Mianheng and Jiang Miankang, he has another son, Jiang Chuankang, who never appears in Jiang’s family portrait. Jiang Chuankang is a mid-level official in Shanghai and in charge of 6 10 office that persecutes Falun Gong.

In 2003’s election for leaders of Political Consultive Conference, the announcer on stage called: ” One vote for Song Zuying”. People burst into laughter. Then the announcer called again: “A vote for Li Ruiying.” People winked and looked at each other knowingly. They knew that the leadership had been already predetermined, and the ballot was just for the show. So, why shouldn’t they have fun with Jiang’s sexual scandals?

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