1-3: A Spy Under The Skirt

One: A Family Of Traitors

3: A Spy Under The Skirt

The CCP’s army entered Shanghai in 1949. The food factory where Jiang Ze-min worked was, at that time, renamed, Yi  Min, Number One Foodstuff Factory. The CCP cadre who made inspection of the factory was Wang Dao-han. Jiang Ze-min happened to learn that Wang Dao-han was formerly  a subordinate of his uncle, Jiang Shang-qing. He promptly stated that he was Jiang Shang-qing’s foster son, playing his best card. Wang Dao-han believed Jiang Ze-min’s word. He decided at once to promote Jiang Ze-min. Jiang Ze-min’s tactical advance succeeded.

Wang Dao-han promoted Jiang Ze-min first to Deputy Director of Shanghai Soap Factory, and then to Chief of Electrical Machinery Section of Shanghai Number Two Design Division of the First Ministry of Machinery Industry. In Nov. 1954, Jiang Ze-min was transferred to Number One Auto-manufacturing Works in Changchun City, Jilin Province.

In March of 1955, he traveled to Moscow as twelve technical staff for his training. By staying there he came to realize that the history of Soviet Union, as then told, was a complete lie, entirely falsified as to fit Stalin’s needs. Stalin had managed to stay in power through concrete practical worship of himself, suppression, and deception until his death. The value of the artifice and its devices emblazoned itself deeply in Jiang Ze-min’s mind over and over. He pondered the man.

During his stay in the Soviet Union, Jiang Ze-min tried his best to maintain good relations with all types. He performed music, sang songs, told jokes, and sought the lime light whenever may have been the setting. In 1955, Sino-Russia relation took a turn for the worse. Each began to train spies recruited from the adversary nation. The Soviet Union’s intelligence service began to pay attention to Jiang Ze-min. They thought that as someone well educated, he must hail from prominent family with massive wealth. Thus the KGB searched the archive for Jiang Ze-min’s dossier.

The CCP has yet to investigate the experiences of Jiang Shi-jun and Jiang Ze-min, two generations of traitors, who collaborated with the Japanese forces. The reason is that, in fact, the CCP loves the Japanese and their invasion. And it’s Mao Ze-dong himself who said at 1959 Lu Shan Plenum that, the CCP’s task, during the War Of Resistance with Japan, was to cooperate with the Japanese Army, by helping attack soldiers and civilians that were opposing Japan. The CCP could not have seized power, had the Japanese Imperial Army failed to invade more that half of China’s territory.

In 1945 the Soviet Red Army entered Northeastern China and found the complete files of Kenji Doihara’s special agent system. Surely the files include documents and photos of the Young Leader Training Sessions with Jiang Ze-min’s records.  And Jiang Ze-min’s traitor boss, Li Shi-chun, was in Soviet. And he confirmed that Jiang Ze-min was indeed one of his agents and worked for the Japanese.

KGB then assigned an undercover mistress, Clava, to seduce Jiang Ze-min. Jiang Ze-min threw himself into the bosom of the beautiful Clava. While he was deeply immersed in his affairs with Clava, on one occasion, his Russian mistress whispered softly his former boss’s name, Li Shi-chun, into Jiang’s ear. Jiang Ze-min was shocked beyond measure.

KGB then quickly moved in while Jiang was off balance. They gave Jiang a sum of money, promised not to disclose his treacherous past and assured him that, he could continue to join the company of Clava before returning to China, on one condition, that is, for Jiang to join the Far East Bureau of the KGB, to gather intelligence on Chinese students living in the Soviet Union, as well as provide certain information regarding China.

After Stalin’s death, Khrushchev issued a confidential report in which Stalin’s monstrous crimes were systematically disclosed. The contents of the document spread quickly throughout the Soviet Union. The public were enraged upon learning that Stalin had slaughtered tens of millions of his own people. In no time the streets were littered with shredded images of Stalin and pulverized bronze statues once in his likeness. Stalin worship took a complete about-face. With this drastic turn of events, Jiang Ze-min came to realize, ever more so, how terrible it would be if his own past be made known.

As the overthrow of formerly enshrined Stalin, stood to remind the Chinese people of their own worship of Mao Ze-dong, the CCP grew to fear that Chinese living in the Soviet Union would be negatively affected by this new turn of events. All Chinese then in the Soviet Union, save for diplomatic envoys, were ordered to return to China immediately. Never had Jiang Ze-min considered how to maintain power, should it one day be in his possession, the Soviet served as his teacher.

Jiang Ze-min did indeed continue to work for the KGB upon returning to China from Moscow. The government of the Soviet Union kept its promise, and didn’t make the same mistake, as had Stalin in the nineteen fifties, when he betrayed party official, Gao Gang, then head of the CCP in Northeastern China. Jiang Ze-min’s KGB identity was never revealed.

After the Soviet Union was dismantled, Jiang dare even less to slight or to refuse Russia. Even just a subtle hint dropped by Russian figures, be it Yeltsin or former KGB member Putin, proved enough to keep a nervous Jiang Ze-min awake at night for days. This explained why even in the absence of Soviet Union, Jiang Ze-min was every bit as quick to betray China as before.

In May of 1991, Jiang Ze-min visited the Soviet Union, as the People’s Daily reported, Jiang Ze-min was full of tears upon meeting with old acquaintances at Likhachev Automobile-Works. But as one insider later disclosed, what actually happened was that a woman caught sight of Jiang Ze-min, and greeted him loud:”Hello! My darling!” She was none other than Clava, the woman Jiang Ze-min had fallen so deeply for years before.

Arranging such a chance encounter was easy for the KGB. All went according to plan, with Jiang Ze-min reliving old memories with his lover during the visit. Upon returning to China, a charmed Jiang Ze-min signed an agreement, concerning the eastern section of the Sino-Soviet border, that ceded gratuitously more than one million square kilometers of Chinese territory to Russia. Of course, at that time, little could Jiang Ze-min have imagined that, in but few months, the Soviet Union, the world’s first communist nation, would collapse overnight!

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